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Just a quick post to show off new pictures from our backyard — and it is coming along!! Well, at least the grass is. It’s a little patchy, but we were able to take the plastic fencing down and we had to mow, and we were pleasantly surprised when it was all cleaned up. I blogged about our progress here if you want to see the original “before” and I took the picture below not even 2 weeks ago!

Growin' grass!

And these pics are from TODAY!!!

East side of yard

West corner of backyard

Looking so green!!

We are finally planting the 3rd section, we kept it bare so the dogs had a little more space, and I really wish it was done because it is finally starting to feel like a backyard…

Last section being planted

And here is what Harper did while I went outside for 2 minutes to take the pictures. 🙂

Mad girl!


Update: I’m linking this post to Julia’s Hooked on Fridays blog party at Hooked on Houses, and the Frugal Friday Linky Party at the Shabby Nest!  Thanks, ladies!!!!

We have finally gotten back to the backyard project — although the mountain of gravel is still there, ugh. We do have someone who is going to come get the rest, so hopefully they’ll come do that soon! Anyway, we’ve fenced off the sections that will be grass, planted, fertilized and watered, so now we’re waiting…and watching the grass grow! Yes, we have grass!!!

Here is what we’ve been up to:


Dirt, ready to plant

And we have grass!

Getting thicker!!

Hopefully these fences won't have to be up too long!

I cannot wait to 1) get the gravel out of there, 2) have enough grass to take the fences down, and 3) actually like my backyard. It hasn’t happened yet, which is unfortunate during the summer!! Patience, Lindsay, patience…

Yay! I made my first real trip to our local nursery as a homeowner! I haven’t bought anything yet…except this pretty hanging basket I couldn’t resist!


We’ve been very busy (on days off!) here at Casa Christensen with lots of weeding and planning, planning and weeding. We pretty much ripped everything out so that we can start from scratch. Here is what the front yard looks like today.  Pretty bare!


Here are the empty flowerbeds, just waiting for some new tenants…I’m loving the funky shapes (as a designer, can you blame me??). I’m thinking some evergreens on the outsides, some dark ground cover in interesting textures, and perennials and annuals in varying shapes and heights. I love the tall, spiky flowers and grasses, and the colorful, globe shaped flowers. I’m not sure of the names yet, but I’m sure the guys at the nursery will be sick of me soon!



Our dog, Molly, can’t wait for her new yard!!


As you can see, we have lots of work to do, but I’m very excited after getting a little horticultural education today. Don’t you just love a little confidence boost? Especially if you have a black thumb like I do!

Do any of you have any favorite plants or flowers to recommend? Have you written a recent post about gardening and/or landscaping! Feel free to comment and link!! Happy gardening!!

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