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Birthday princess!

I can’t believe I’m posting about this, time flies so quickly, but I threw my baby girl’s 1st birthday party last Saturday!! It was so fun, and although she won’t remember the party, I had a great time planning and crafting to put it all together. The theme was based on a party package (a PDF printable that they e-mail to you and you use how you want!) that I bought from happypapers on etsy. It’s the “Cupcake Birthday Set” and I picked it because I loved the colors; pink, green, orange and blue! The set included an invitation, 2 patterns, center box, gift bag, gift tags, a party hat and goodie cone — all for $5 and e-mailed right to you! Although it included invitations, you had to write on theirs, I used their patterns to create one on the computer, which I just printed and mailed!

Harper's Party Invitation

Another theme from the invites was cupcakes, so I jumped at the chance to make our own cupcake toppers, as well as a big cupcake (or mini-cake) for the birthday girl!

The Birthday Girl's Special Cupcake


I made 3 different types of cupcake toppers — “H” toppers, “Harper” toppers, and “1” toppers! And we had chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, and yellow cupcakes with white frosting. We made Harper’s with yellow and white, to avoid the chocolate stains!

Cupcakes with toppers

I filled the Happy Papers center cone with pink and green Jelly Bellies!

Jelly Bellies

I also used the patterns to create a lot of other decorations, including a month-by-month photo decorations to hang from the dining room chandelier, and a “Happy 1st Birthday Harper!” banner!

Decorated chandelier

Month-by-month photos of Harper

Happy 1st Birthday Harper! Banner

And how cute does the birthday girl look in her tutu?? These are from Fairy Wonderful! I bought 2 and stacked them. They also have an etsy shop.

Just chillin'

The outdoor decorations are my new favorite things — they are the Martha Stewart Pom-Pom kit and you can buy them at a Michael’s craft store or find them online! And yes, they are now hanging in Harper’s room!

Outside on the deck

Isn’t the location gorgeous? It’s my in-law’s guest ranch — Mahogany Ridge Guest Ranch. And yes, you can come vacation here. 🙂

Outside on the deck

On the menu was “Paella” — the quick version from last month’s Cookie magazine. Unfortunately I can’t find the recipe on their website, but it was sure yummy! We also served Tater Tot Casserole, lots of hors d’oeuvres (guacamole, cheese ball, shrimp/cream cheese/salsa, deviled eggs, cantaloupe, baked brie — all thanks to Glenn’s sisters, and both of our moms!), along with Hansen’s sodas and pineapple orange punch! There was a lot of food!!

So much food, that Glenn’s sister’s dog (it was her birthday, too!) partook in the cupcakes!

Happy Birthday, Mischa

Daddy helped Harper blow out her candle…

Daddy helping her blow out the candle

And mommy helped her open her presents!

Opening presents

It was so fun, and Harper got a lot of great gifts! Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen and who was able to share her special day!

Be on the lookout for a tutorial on how I made some of her birthday crafts!

Banner close up

I want to send a shout-out to the ultimate kid’s party stylist, Kim at her super inspirational blog The TomKat Studio! Her ideas and crafts are sooo adorable and were a big inspiration for me for Harper’s party — and she is so sweet to boot!!  Thanks, Kim!!


I wanted to title this post “Harper’s Nursery,” but I really don’t feel like she is a baby with a nursery anymore.  It is turning into a little girl’s room.  She just turned 1 last Friday, and I can’t believe how fast she’s growing.  I guess it’s technically a nursery — she still needs her crib and changing table, but she is rapidly turning into a little girl right before our eyes.  She plays in her room, with her toys.  It is her very own room.  She is getting more and more independent every day, plus she’s mobile and has a hilarious little personality starting to shine through.  I think her birthday gave me the little motivation I needed to finish her room like I wanted it, and I finally got it all set up and photographed today.  Enjoy!!

If you’ve been reading, you’d know that I’ve been busy painting things for her room – including her changing table, a side/magazine table, a wall shelf, and her dresser. Here are some “before” photos, and you can see the finished product in her room photos!!

Changing table with cloth diapers

Shelf for painting

Old dresser

Here is the entire room from the doorway:

Harper's Room Panorama

So as a refresher, here is what it looked like when we first moved in:

Harper's Room

And here’s a shot of it that I took today (at almost the same angle):

Harper's Room

Lots of new details!
Harper's Room

Harper's Room

Harper's Room

New mobile

New shelf

Little shoes -- and a John Deere tractor

Harper's Room

So here’s the breakdown on Harper’s room:
Crib: IKEA
Crib bedding: Olivia by Dwell Studio for Target
Recliner: La-Z-Boy
Blinds: Home Depot
Rug: Target
Bookshelf: Way Basics
Dandelion Wall Decal: Etsy
Pom-poms: Michael’s by Martha Stewart
Changing table: Hand-me-down
Baskets: Wal-Mart
Dresser: Thrift Store
Side table: Hand-me-down
“H-A-R-P-E-R” Wallpaper Letters: Land of Nod
Lamp Set: Fred Meyer
Wall Shelf: Hand-me-down
LOVE Print: Oh Brooke

This is my new favorite room in the house! What do you think of Harper’s room??

I love, love, love this kitchen.  Well, more specifically I love the color scheme.  It reminds me of the gray that I have in my living room, and I’m tempted to carry the color into my kitchen. I’ve actually had a lot of positive comments about the bright color I have now, which made me take notice of the subtle colors I’m attracted to. I’m not sure about the semi-bright green (“Misted Fern” by BM) I have now but a girl can dream.  Always looking out for the better color, or side table, or rug, or ceramic garden stool.  Which brings me to this kitchen from House Beautiful.




I love the white cabinets, gray background, and black and green accents.  What do you think?  It might actually help me tie in the “I am too cheap to buy stainless steel appliances” white and black appliances that I have.  🙂  Don’t judge me.  It’s a starter home!  The only problem I have now is my stock blonde “wood” laminate countertops. They’re in good shape so they’re staying for now, but we are planning a kitchen remodel – SOMEDAY.  Our kitchen is way awkward with no storage, so it should be fun!  But I can always repaint!

On another note, I just helped a client choose countertops from a color selection of meganite.  Ever heard of it?  It’s an acylic solid surface.  She wanted black countertops, which would have looked great, but after seeing a friend’s dark acrylic countertops (which were full of scratches) she voted for my lighter selection, which should hide the scratches.  Soapstone would have been so beautiful…but so expensive!

I can’t wait to see her “after” pictures!  I’ll have to post them as soon as I get a picture.  Have a good week, everyone!

(images via House Beautiful and Meganite)

Tonya and Cody asked for my help, ready to move the babies out of their room because they wanted an update to their bedroom (which is already an amazing room to work with) with some rustic modern style.  They love neutral and natural colors and furnishings, but with some contemporary style.  The bed and headboard, green chair and ottoman, black desk, rug, and black gun cabinet had to stay, while everything else was able to go, so I got right down to work to put a plan together.  Tonya’s biggest issue was the bed. It really can only go on one wall (unless you get rid of the headboard — not happening according to Cody) because of the angles of the roof — something you don’t realize will be problematic until you live in the space. I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Here are Tonya’s before pictures:
Tonya & Cody's Wyoming Bedroom

Tonya & Cody's Wyoming Bedroom

Tonya & Cody's Wyoming Bedroom

Tonya & Cody's Wyoming Bedroom

Tonya & Cody's Wyoming Bedroom

Tonya & Cody's Wyoming Bedroom

Tonya & Cody's Wyoming Bedroom

As you can see, the bones of the room (and rest of the house) is new and updated, so they wanted their decor to be calming and a restful space to enjoy away from the kids. The floorplan is a “U” shape surrounding their master bathroom, with a lot of difficult angles and tight spaces, so I had to focus on low furnishings and camouflaging to make use of wasted space.

Here is their new bedroom floor plan (click the photo to see it larger):
Cody & Tonya's Bedroom Floor Plan
The main differences are that the desk will be to the left of the bed, the chair and ottoman will be in the entry, and the new furniture is around the walls. See more info. below!

And here is the plan I came up with:
Tonya & Cody's Modern Rustic Bedroom
And here is the color/material board breakdown:

  1. This room will be a palette of green, brown/blacks, creams and a little red in the existing rug and bathroom paint.  This first color is the wall paint color, a soft, sagey (yet masculine) gray-green to coordinate with their existing green chair and ottoman, and ground the room in a nice, earthy color.  It will also bring out the greens in the rug, and tone down some of the other main colors.  If possible (but it will work either way) I would like the headboard and floor mirror to be stained a deep brown/black stain.  This color is called Misty Air (OC-44) by Benjamin Moore.
  2. This is the ceiling and trim paint color, a nice warm cream that will soften up the ceiling angles and warm up the space.  Sea Haze (2137-50) by Benjamin Moore.
  3. I chose to darken up the duvet with a nice chocolate brown organic set with lots of fluffy texture.
  4. These wall mirrors with java-colored shelves will add some sparkle (especially with a few candles flickering on them) and reflect the warmth of the ceiling.  These (I chose them as a pair) will go on the flat wall on either side of the bathroom door, off the foot of the bed.
  5. I chose black grommet curtains for both windows to add some modern pop and to make sure to block out the view as the neighbor’s house is right out of the window behind their bed!  This will also tie into the black desk, gun cabinet, and new brown/black furniture.  They will have to be hemmed for the low window.
  6. To soften up the modern black curtains, I’d choose a double rod and add these graphic (yet rustic-patterned) sheers underneath.  Layering always helps finish a room.
  7. Another great contemporary decor statement would be these block shelves, which come as a set, and will go above the existing desk.  The desk will be moved to the left of the bed, on that same wall.  The existing photographs and artwork (which is now on the floor and the gun cabinet) will go here, along with some candles or accessories that Tonya already owns.
  8. These black and white ikat print throw pillows will add more rustic, yet contemporary, charm to their bedroom while coordinating with the other patterns in the room.
  9. Tonya requested some natural textures and botanical touches, so these willow branches (maybe even 2 or 3 vase-fulls around the room) will add some height and camoflauge in those awkward spaces.  So speaking of camoflauge and awkward spaces, the gun cabinet will be pushed away from the corner as far as it can go and turned 90 degrees (with the door facing the room), and the vase of willow branches will be placed in front of the door.   Another spot that could use a vase of willow branches is in the opposite end of the “U”.  Back there is a built-in countertop, sink and mini-fridge with a mirror above it.  However, the slope of the ceiling is so sharp that unless you’re standing right next to the countertop, you can’t even stand in there.
  10. This is the vase that the willow branches will go in.  Self-explanatory, right?
  11. What do all quiet work desks need?  Why a nice little lamp!  Again, the desk will be over to the side of the bed!
  12. This is a black and white woven throw, which would be a nice touch on the green chair and ottoman to make a new little reading nook.  The reading nook will be located in the room’s entry, which is where the gun cabinet is located.  This will also help to camoflauge the awkward corner that is left right there. (Note – this throw has already sold out!! So I’m substituting this organic version in natural or clay.)
  13. Tonya and Cody’s bedroom could definitely use a little more storage — so let’s cue the new dresser!  The nice thing about this dresser is that it is low enough to fit under the angles of the ceiling, and it also will triple as a media cabinet (to hold her printer) and a changing table (which is what it technically is).
  14. I thought this console table with storage baskets would be a nice storage piece for right next to the entrance; a spot to drop change or watches, and it could store some books as it is right next to the reading nook.
  15. All reading nooks need some light, and I loved the shape of this floor lamp.  Another piece that would camoflauge the gun cabinet with some height.
  16. As to not leave the other far wall bare, this black/brown bookcase will be laid horizontally underneath the low window in the room, providing storage and display space.
  17. This side table will add some more natural texture with its woven base, and a little sparkle with its glass top.  These could be used in the reading nook, next to the armchair, or even against the bathroom wall (under the mirrors) off the end of the bed.

And there you have it!  Tonya and Cody’s rustic modern bedroom, set in beautiful Wyoming!  We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

If you’d like your own custom color/material board and e-decorating package, then visit this site or contact me to get started!

decor8 » Blog Archive » How Much For This Room?.

This always happens!  I just put in a HUGE paint swatch order and then I run across something like this and I need to start a new list!  This San Francisco bedroom is from the decor8 feature called “How Much For This Room?” and it’s owned by a woman named Christiana.  As a designer (and homeowner or love of decor in general!), it’s always so helpful to see something put out there like this.  Plus you get a great list of resources and ideas.

I LOVE this color palette.  Totally me – dark grey and white with some red, yellow and black accents!!  I’m trying to phase out the green in my living room because I keep finding myself drawn to a more monochromatic palette with one (maybe two) accent colors.  I’m moving all of the green stuff to my kitchen/dining room.

This color is called “Iron Mountain” by Benjamin Moore.  I definitely have a color crush here…mmm…

I think when something thinks of a dark grey bedroom, this is not the type of look you’d have in mind – totally unexpected!

How amazing is that wallpaper?  A perfect example of how wallpaper can lighten up a dark room, or act as an accent wall without the huge commitment of wallpapering an entire room.  Very contemporary.  I love wallpaper.

I also love how she used her necklaces as art.  That is what I need to do – if it’s not out where I can see it, I won’t wear it!  Out of sight, out of mind…

Gotta love the “high hiding white” trim and doors!  Nice and glossy!

Functional art – plus it’s using things you already own!  Such a great idea – now I need to find out what those are on the walls…any links or DIY’s that you know of?

As someone with two large dogs (both with black fur) and a growing baby, I’m a little scared of white, but I love the aesthetic!  When in doubt, I choose dark or black colors, but I’m trying to not be so scared of stains!  My husband can clean up anything or get out any stain, so maybe I will go for that light-colored slipcover I’ve been eyeing for the loveseat in the dining room…

What do you think of the color palette?  Are you drawn to dark colors?  A lighter and airier palette?  A mix of both?  Do you have a “when in doubt, choose (dark/light/white/black/wood)” mantra?

(images via decor8, linked to their sources)

Kindred – home .

Above is a link to the super inspiring website “Kindred” – a collaboration between Ez at Creature Comforts and Holly at decor8 (two of my blogging heroes!).  They’re bringing together some super amazing talent and offering gorgeous computer wallpapers and printable note cards- all for my favorite price – FREE!  It’s also a place to communicate in some very friendly forums – what else could you ask for??

I love the inspiration, ladies…thanks!  And for the rest of you – check out The Kindred Site!  Love it!

This blog is awesome!!  I’m always noticing sets and interior design in movies (I’m always thinking about the actor, too, and how embarrassing that scene must’ve been!) and I’m always looking up photos on the internet or pressing ‘pause’ on the DVR (and taking notes…sometimes…).  But not anymore!!  Thanks to Julia at “Hooked on Houses!!”  I am so excited…




Amanda’s (aka Cameron Diaz) house in L.A. in “The Holiday” is THE REASON I DECIDED TO PAINT MY LIVING ROOM GRAY.  Not even a joke.  My house is obviously nowhere nearly as finished or styled as hers (I love the pots of grass and artwork all over), and I’ve strayed from the concept since then, but I LOVE the color palette; gray, cream, espresso with little shots of color here and there.














That would be my dream house!!  Well…one of them…


“The Holiday:” A Tale of Two Houses « Hooked on Houses.

I know these are supposed to be on Thursdays, but I’m practicing patience with my posts! I am trying to put a lot more time into them so that you will actually enjoy what I have to say, and will want to come back! So here is some color therapy for your weekend!

This week’s “Color Therapy” is inspired by the portfolio of one of my Twitter contacts, Tobi Fairley.  I am loving the fresh, bright color palettes lately, especially paired with crisp, classic patterns, as seen in the gorgeous photo below.

Navy, white and gold den by Tobi Fairley

Navy, white and gold den by Tobi Fairley

If I had the guts (or the cash) I would put one of these in my living room in a crisp navy blue and white. Love it!!

Blanca Settee | Pottery Barn

Blanca Settee | Pottery Barn

If I was to paint a room in this palette, I might start with navy walls with bright, white trim, crown moulding, and a chair rail, or two navy walls and two white walls, all with yellow accents throughout the room. Or navy and white stripes would look gorgeous! Yellow is always a nice paint choice as well, nice and sunny!

Painted stripes: Patriot Blue, Ralph Lauren Home, Baby Boy Blue, Benjamin Moore

Painted stripes: Patriot Blue, Ralph Lauren Home, Baby Boy Blue, Benjamin Moore

Walls and ceiling: Latex eggshell in Soot

Walls and ceiling: Latex eggshell in Soot

Navy fireplace and wall

Navy fireplace and wall

Eggshell in Weston Flax HC-5

Eggshell in Weston Flax HC-5

Latex flat in Sunshine #2021-30

Latex flat in Sunshine #2021-30

Olympic Paints in Sun Shower #A14-4

Olympic Paints in Sun Shower #A14-4

And here’s some Flickr Finds for you in that lovely palette. Mmmm…IKEA. 🙂 Enjoy!
 {Color Therapy} Navy and Yellow

1. Ready for rain, 2. This week’s shoes . . ., 3. Ikea Building using sunglasses as polarizing filter, 4. Anais sm charm necklace in yellow quartz, 5. Big Top Earrings, 6. Priceless Gems, 7. gingham, 8. Venice Day & The Island of Guidecca, 9. Tobi Fairley, 10. Blue and Yellow, 11. yellow wall blue roof, 12. blue, 13. Colourful old garage – 31, 14. go schwinn lightning, 15. converse.cardinals., 16. the other half

Thank you for your weekly “Real Talk” series. I get so excited for Thursdays and I wish you had posts like this every day, but I realize that they are spread out on purpose. You are helping us grow, and that takes time. Which coincidentally, is exactly what your post is about today.

You are an inspiration (one of many) to motivate me to work on my top ten list. Thank you. Feel free to comment if you read this. Hee hee!


Lindsay 😉

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