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What the heck is “LC Decor Studio?”  That’s me!  I know, probably confusing – Lindsay Christensen Interior Design (my interior design services), Likely Design (my blog) & now LC Decor Studio…but I wanted to separate my Etsy store and it’s always fun to have a new name!  Plus I like the “Studio” part for my handmade items on Etsy.

I’ve had a listing up in my shop for a special “e-decorating” package for a while now as a way to purchase a design consultation online, but I’m moving into party decorating packages as well and I’m so excited!  So without further adieu, I am very proud to announce my new set of original cupcake toppers for your party!

These are made using Heather Bailey fabric prints, and if you don’t know Heather Bailey’s work, I suggest following the link to check her stuff out!! She also has a cool blog called “Hello My Name is Heather.”

This listing is for a set of 12 custom cupcake toppers, which can be customized for your special event! The samples shown were created for a baby shower, but they would also look great for a bridal shower, birthday party, or any event that you’d love to add some great pattern to!

These cupcake toppers are backed with a 2.5″ scalloped cardstock circle in 3 different Heather Bailey prints: “Peonies” in red, “Pineapple Brocade” in celery, and “Zag Stripe” in red – my favorite patterns! The 1.5″ center scalloped circle will include your custom details in red, blue and green to match the patterns! Both layers are mounted on small lollipop sticks.

Please send me the 3 details that you’d like on the center circle. For example:
1. Name, initial & gender
2. Name, initial & age
3. Bride’s name, groom’s name, wedding date
4. Any other idea you might have!

If you would like a higher quantity, please let me know and I will create a custom listing for you!

Be on the lookout for more party decor items and accessories soon!  Enjoy!


I wanted to title this post “Harper’s Nursery,” but I really don’t feel like she is a baby with a nursery anymore.  It is turning into a little girl’s room.  She just turned 1 last Friday, and I can’t believe how fast she’s growing.  I guess it’s technically a nursery — she still needs her crib and changing table, but she is rapidly turning into a little girl right before our eyes.  She plays in her room, with her toys.  It is her very own room.  She is getting more and more independent every day, plus she’s mobile and has a hilarious little personality starting to shine through.  I think her birthday gave me the little motivation I needed to finish her room like I wanted it, and I finally got it all set up and photographed today.  Enjoy!!

If you’ve been reading, you’d know that I’ve been busy painting things for her room – including her changing table, a side/magazine table, a wall shelf, and her dresser. Here are some “before” photos, and you can see the finished product in her room photos!!

Changing table with cloth diapers

Shelf for painting

Old dresser

Here is the entire room from the doorway:

Harper's Room Panorama

So as a refresher, here is what it looked like when we first moved in:

Harper's Room

And here’s a shot of it that I took today (at almost the same angle):

Harper's Room

Lots of new details!
Harper's Room

Harper's Room

Harper's Room

New mobile

New shelf

Little shoes -- and a John Deere tractor

Harper's Room

So here’s the breakdown on Harper’s room:
Crib: IKEA
Crib bedding: Olivia by Dwell Studio for Target
Recliner: La-Z-Boy
Blinds: Home Depot
Rug: Target
Bookshelf: Way Basics
Dandelion Wall Decal: Etsy
Pom-poms: Michael’s by Martha Stewart
Changing table: Hand-me-down
Baskets: Wal-Mart
Dresser: Thrift Store
Side table: Hand-me-down
“H-A-R-P-E-R” Wallpaper Letters: Land of Nod
Lamp Set: Fred Meyer
Wall Shelf: Hand-me-down
LOVE Print: Oh Brooke

This is my new favorite room in the house! What do you think of Harper’s room??

Ah, vacation.  We had a great time in Costa Rica, but as soon as we got home and retired to our own bedroom, I was in heaven.  I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.  Yes, that kind of feeling!  What is it about sleeping in your own bed?  I love our bed.  It’s gigantic and comfortable and I could spend all day in it.  I’m blogging from it right now.  The frame is a little dated (I know, I know!) but it’s all we have for now and we’ve had it for years (it was a hand-me-down from Glenn’s sister) so it’s hard to just let go!  Eventually we’d like to get a more contemporary platform bed, but it (like a lot of things!) will have to wait…until we hit the lottery.  But a few things that we are planning for our bedroom for the near future are: 1.) New, matching side tables.  2.) Matching table lamps for the side tables.  And 3.)  A coat of brown paint (not sure yet if it will be chocolate or tan) for the moulding on the wall and the ceiling.  I’ve seen some neat dark ceilings and I think that would make our bedroom even more cozy!

When I began planning the design for our bedroom, all I knew were the colors I wanted; a warm palette of orange, brown, and cream.  I wanted to find a pattern or fabric, so I started with the pillows and did a search on etsy.  I literally searched for “orange brown cream pillow” with the goal of finding a pattern that both my husband and I could agree on (i.e. no flowers!), and I found the Joel Dewberry Aviary fabric through the pillows at Norajane’s shop!

I bought 2 pillows there – 1 square and 1 rectangle.  The square one was intended as a single throw pillow for our bed, and the rectangle one was meant to go in a wingback chair that used to be in the bedroom.  I loved them once I got them – but the square pillow looked so teeny tiny on our small bed!

Here is what it looked like -before- with the 2 pillows I bought (and I made the other square one with extra curtain fabric!!).  But how dinky to they look?
Bedroom 3

I decided to add some more pattern and bulk up the pillow factor.  I’ve had my eye on anything in the “tile” pattern from Pottery Barn for awhile, and I ran across some organic euro pillow shams in orange on eBay!  How perfect!  When you mix 2 different patterns, a general rule of thumb is to use patterns that are different sizes (1 large pattern with large colors and 1 smaller, tighter pattern with more colors is always good), and try to keep one a little lighter and airier.  What do you think of my eBay score???

April 5th 2009

April 5th 2009

April 5th 2009

My husband and I actually both loved -and agreed- on the fabric so much that I bought more of it to sew curtains to cover the closet.  Okay, I didn’t sew them (thank you to my mother-in-law!  But I did hem the bottom and plan on sewing more this summer.)  Check it out!

April 5th 2009

The other thing that I love about the new euro-size pillows (which I bought from Sears online) are super soft and fluffy, so I actually love using them to sleep on!  So there you have it, my comfy, cozy, super-gigantic, gender neutral bed and bedroom.  I could spend all day in there – especially because the window coverings are super dark so it’s a cave that you could sleep in until noon in.  Which is great because our room is on the East side of the house = direct morning sunlight!  Eek!  Alright…time for my nap…

Etsy :: wendyoji :: Oji Originals.

Wow – I have TALENTED friends!!  I just recently found out about another friend of mine with a gorgeous (and I mean GORGEOUS) Etsy shop!  If you’re looking for some amazing one-of-a-kind (or even custom – convo her for details) jewelry, then go check out the goods at Oji Originals!



I am so bad about wearing jewelry, but I love, love, love it and am always looking for easy pieces that will go with everything.  Here are a few pieces that I have my eye on:


I told you!  I love jewelry on my screen!!  What do you all think – gorgeous right??  So head on over to Oji Originals to pick up some amazing little baubles…we all deserve it, right??

Etsy :: wendyoji :: Oji Originals.

Etsy :: sweettangerinestudio :: Sweet Tangerine.

A good friend of mine has recently opened a KILLER shop on Etsy and it is taking off like wildfire!!  Her bags and headbands are soooo beautiful and creative!  I love the Amy Butler fabrics!!  I am eyeing a few things for myself…but here is some Sweet Tangerine juice to start off your week!  Enjoy!





















These are just a taste of the goodies she has for sale – you can find her at!

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