At the Modoc County Fair - 2007

Us at the county fair, 2007.

I have been with my husband for 8 years now, and as the girlfriend and wife of a wildland firefighter (he is an Engine Operator for the BLM, so he drives, runs the engine and the crew), I am used to the summertime when he has to go off-district and can be gone for 2 weeks at a time. Well, it is a million times different this summer for me. I miss him terribly this time, and he has only been gone for 4 days!! This is because of a few reasons; 1) we live in Likely — small and isolated (although only 20 minutes from the “big” town, where many of my friends live) so it can get a little lonely! Thank you to my Twitter and Facebook friends for the chats! 2) I’m not working at my dayjob (I work part-time at a school so we’re out for summer), only from home right now so I rarely leave my house! 3) We have our baby Miss Harper for the first fire season, and without Glenn coming home at night it’s only the 2 of us 24/7 — which I love, but it’s nice to let daddy take over for a little while, and it’s nice to have visitors.

Daddy time

Daddy time

I’m writing this post for Melissa’s “A Beautiful Life” blog party at The Inspired Room, and so I just want to publicly shout out a big “thank you for all you do for us” to my husband, Glenn, and to let him know how much we miss him around here! He works very, very hard for us and me, and his entire family, are so proud of him. But his off-district fire is actually perfect timing as his birthday is coming up, as is Harper’s first birthday (I’m surrounded by Leos!!) so he will be home for his birthday, and her party!!

Glenn & Lindsay

At my Grandma’s birthday party, 2007.

Glenn & Lindsay

At my best friend’s son’s first birthday party, 2007.

He is the funniest guy I know (we laugh every day), we have a relationship that has grown amazingly (with our ups and downs, but it has all made us stronger), and it all gets better and better every day. I love you, honey!!! Be safe and come home soon!! Here are some of my favorite pictures of him and us.

Our Wedding Day

Our wedding day, October 18th, 2003 (this is my favorite picture EVER!)

Mexico Cruise, 2005

Mexico cruise, 2005 — the black hair phase.  🙂


My 10 year high school reunion, 4th of July 2009


In Costa Rica, April 2009

At a friend's wedding

At a friend’s wedding, 2007.

Camping at West Valley Reservoir

Camping at West Valley Reservoir — using our camp trailer for the 1st time, 2006.  It snowed a lot, good thing we had a trailer!

Wow, I’ve had a lot of hairstyles over the years… 🙂  Love ya’, babe!  Thank you for giving me our beautiful baby girl, and thank you for being my handy-man around here!  You are the best!!