I love, love, love this kitchen.  Well, more specifically I love the color scheme.  It reminds me of the gray that I have in my living room, and I’m tempted to carry the color into my kitchen. I’ve actually had a lot of positive comments about the bright color I have now, which made me take notice of the subtle colors I’m attracted to. I’m not sure about the semi-bright green (“Misted Fern” by BM) I have now but a girl can dream.  Always looking out for the better color, or side table, or rug, or ceramic garden stool.  Which brings me to this kitchen from House Beautiful.




I love the white cabinets, gray background, and black and green accents.  What do you think?  It might actually help me tie in the “I am too cheap to buy stainless steel appliances” white and black appliances that I have.  🙂  Don’t judge me.  It’s a starter home!  The only problem I have now is my stock blonde “wood” laminate countertops. They’re in good shape so they’re staying for now, but we are planning a kitchen remodel – SOMEDAY.  Our kitchen is way awkward with no storage, so it should be fun!  But I can always repaint!

On another note, I just helped a client choose countertops from a color selection of meganite.  Ever heard of it?  It’s an acylic solid surface.  She wanted black countertops, which would have looked great, but after seeing a friend’s dark acrylic countertops (which were full of scratches) she voted for my lighter selection, which should hide the scratches.  Soapstone would have been so beautiful…but so expensive!

I can’t wait to see her “after” pictures!  I’ll have to post them as soon as I get a picture.  Have a good week, everyone!

(images via House Beautiful and Meganite)