I can’t wait to finish this project!  Well, my mother-in-law will probably be doing most of the leg work as I’m re-learning to sew, and she is much, much better at it — I guess I just don’t trust my skills yet!  But this is the fabric that I bought which will be the new shower curtain in our bathroom!  It’s a super soft, creamy linen which I matched to a lighter shade from the paint chip card that is the wall paint and I can’t wait to get it up (and replace the green and red graphic print curtain we’ve got going on now!), as well as get new towels to match the curtain!

Fabric for new shower curtain

I just hung the fabric up to see how it looks and I can’t wait!  It will really lighten and brighten up the room.  I was going to sew a floor-to-ceiling length panel for some drama, but I’m really worried about blocking ALL the light in the shower.  I think the light panel will let more light through the panel itself, but the ceiling light is what brings the light in and I need to be able to see when I’m shaving!  What do you think?


The new panel almost makes the pistachio green bathtub look great in there!  Yes, we’re that lucky to have a green bathtub.


So what do you think? Ceiling height shower curtain or standard 6 feet??  I can’t decide.  And how great does the linen look with my super cushy bath mats?? 🙂