…but my birthday orchid (thanks, Drea!) from 2008 is thriving!  I’ve posted a couple times (here and here) on how I was waiting for it to bloom, and now almost every single bud has opened up!  And this has happened in just a month!!!  I’ve been keeping him (her?) in the bathroom and I love walking in every day and seeing the gorgeous blooms in the window!  I think the little guy loves his steamy home there.

My blooming orchid!

The secret is patience. I didn’t mind having a pot with just leaves in it all winter. I waited and waited and waited for it to re-grow a stem, because I got a tip to cut the old stem at the base and I guess it worked!

Orchid blooms

Isn’t she (he?) GORGEOUS! I think I need at least 9 more of these all over my house…