Now that the weather has warmed up around here, we’ve actually been doing something that I don’t think we’ve done for 7 months — we’ve OPENED OUR WINDOWS!  And in our bedroom, we actually have a really nice view and a cool breeze that sneaks in at night.  It’s very peaceful and fresh.


Aaahhh…it’s so nice to get some fresh air in the house. And here in Likely we have great fresh air…that is unfortunately buzzing with mosquitoes more and more every day, but that is one of the only downsides of living in the country…that we can see, anyway.


The view out of the window behind our bed is the north view, which is so nice and green – that is our neighbor’s house and front yard, which is filled with some gorgeous apple trees. What else could you ask for?


Now for our next project before next winter: new windows. We currently have single pane aluminum windows in our room, Harper’s room, the bathroom, the office, the kitchen and the laundry room. 8 windows total, but we’re only replacing 5 of them right away. They loved to retain moisture and ice up last winter…and moisture on the windows = mold = bad news. But fortunately it’s easy to take care of and we’ve kept an eye on it and kept it clean. The projects never end, do they? 🙂