My dining room is finally a room that makes me happy. It started out as a tiny little bright nook with an ugly light, and now with a hand-me-down table and chairs, an eBay find, a marked-down pendant lamp, lots of wedding and Christmas gifts, a little paint and a new $50 antique store score (yippee!) it has turned into a lovely little room in our house.

Here is the move-in condition – yuck:

And here is what it looks like today!  We picked up that sideboard at the antique store the other day for $50!  We inherited the table and chairs from my husband’s parents after the table couldn’t withstand being outdoors in the winter here.  They originally purchased it for their deck but the grout started to crack when it froze (yay for us!).  The chairs go with a wood and green vinyl card table that they weren’t using, but we thought they went nicely with the table.

Dining room

If you’ve been reading recently you know that the pendant light was a Pottery Barn markdown, and I am so happy to get the old light out of there!  The bamboo sliding panels in the background cover our sliding glass door – I found those on eBay!  I despise vertical blinds and didn’t want curtains there so I looked to eBay.  We painted the stripes on the wall back in December and love the look.  The best part is the paints are different finishes so it gives it a wallpaper feel (the green is a semi-gloss and the ivory is a satin – a great trick for painting stripes!).

I also picked some lilacs from my backyard for some fragrance…I love fresh flowers!  Especially free ones from my own yard!

Dining room

Almost everything else (except the sideboard itself) was a wedding or Christmas gift so this room was made-over for about $200!  And that includes the cheap wine in the wine rack.  It sure was yummy, though!  We filled it with our wedding china, table linens, serving platters and specialty glassware.  I don’t have a lot of white in my house, but I have an abundance of white dishes.  It’s a great base for entertaining, plus it doesn’t compete with the colors of the food!  And it never goes out of style!

New sideboard for dining room

And last night my sister-in-law told me she saw a big truck being unloaded into our local antique store…I guess I have to make another trip this week to see what else I can score!