Blogging or bathroom?  That is the question.  Hehe!  We’ve spent a lot of time recently working on the bathroom plan, and it is coming into motion!  My handy-dandy husband ripped out the old shower surround and then put a new bright and shiny one up!  He also put up new trim and sealed everything!  I painted the walls (while I was home alone with our 9 month old – go me!), and he painted the ceiling because it would have taken me forever and he whipped it right out!  And last night he painted the new trim nice and white.  Now we just need the finishing touches; new light, new mirror (so we’ll have to paint a little more soon), new shower curtain and new towels.

We were going to re-finish the bathtub in white, but after reading the directions it just didn’t seem worth it.  It was very complicated, very toxic, and very easy to screw up!  Plus we couldn’t use our tub for 5-6 days.  So we decided to keep the green tub because the color won’t clash with the design, plus we are just so lucky to have a green tub!  Now I’ll quit talking and get to the pics.  Thanks for stopping by!!

Here is what it looked like back in July when we bought it.  Notice the lovely, faded flower motif on the surround.  Nice, huh?



And here is a shot after Glenn ripped everything out.


Here’s a tip: use the box the surround came in to make a template.




The walls and new trim are up!


And now I begin to paint!



Ahhh…finally done!  Ceiling and everything!  We’ve never painted the ceiling the same color before, but we thought it would be nice to surround ourselves with this earthy brown.




Finishing touches added back.



As you can see it was quite a transformation over Memorial Day weekend. The room is a lot darker now, but I’ve found I can still put my makeup on, phew! I decided on a dark brown with purple undertones called “Pumpernickel” by Ace Hardware paints.  It was very hard to photograph because of the light and the reflections and the darkness, but you get the idea. The old shower curtain and towels are okay, but now that the room is so dark I’m looking forward to lighten it up with new towels and a new linen shower curtain. Plus the green and brick shower curtain and towels don’t match the pistachio bathtub. I’ve also decided that I want a clock in there so I don’t have to bring my phone in to watch the time when I’m getting ready.

So there’s what I’ve been working on…what projects are you hard at work on, or have finished and are proud of? I’d love to check them out!