Our main bathroom is something to behold. It is lacking any style, mainly because the tub is a gorgeous (i.e. hideous) shade of green…I call it pistachio! And the shower surround is old and dated and needs to be ripped out. But we have a plan for it, so we’re very excited to get started!

The Before:

My bathroom = yuck
My husband and I love dark colors. We knew we wanted to do something dramatic and fun for this bathroom and I was so excited when I re-opened my Domino Book of Decorating and saw this bathroom. I showed it to Glenn and we instantly clicked and knew it was the inspiration for our bathroom! We’re even planning on adding some architectural features to the room by putting up some vertical molding like the inspiration photo.

The Inspiration:

Bathroom Inspiration

Bathroom Inspiration

Bathroom Inspiration

So here is our plan, which shouldn’t cost too much as we plan on doing a lot of projects ourselves!
The Plan:

My Bathroom Plan

All we need to buy is 1 gallon of dark brown semi-gloss paint, a cheap-o fiberglass tub surround, a potted fern for some greenery, the wall sconce, a mirror and some driftwood (I already have the glue gun!), a few yards of linen, the molding, and new towels! We’re hoping to keep it all under $300! We already have a tub re-finishing kit (sparking white!), some nice bath mats, a decent sink vanity that we re-painted white, and some dark brown baskets for storage!  Wish us luck!