These lovely pictures I have below are of our teeny tiny half-bath (or powder room as some like to say!). It is located in our daughter’s room, actually! Lucky baby, has her own bathroom! We haven’t done much to it since we’ve moved in, except for new flooring. It had a piece of carpet just laying on top of old linoleum tiles, and my husband put new faux-tile laminate in to replace it!  Here it is with the carpet:

Sweet sink and medicine cabinet shot…


This one shows the linoleum tile that was underneath the floating piece of carpet.


And here is the new flooring that Glenn installed a few weeks ago!

April 5th 2009

As you can see, it is a teeny, tiny room, so I think it would so fun to do a fun wall treatment in here.  Wallpaper?  I’ve never done it, but I know people who can help me and this might be a good room to practice on!  Wall decals?  Maybe, but I think something textured would be even better.

April 5th 2009

Design Public has some really fun (can I stress enough that I want something FUN in there?? :)) wall applications that I’m loving.  Any other resources for textured wall applications?  I like these, especially because you can paint them, but I think I want something a little less juvenile…

These are pretty cool, but I need to do the math.  Each panel is 18″ x 18″ and you get 10 panels for $84.  Maybe I could do just one wall??  Maybe two??

These are fun, but I want more coverage.  I saw something that was overlapping, multi-colored raised squares, but now I can’t find them anywhere!  Can anyone help?? Any other suggestions for my search?