Seriously – follow the links and buy these items NOW!  I have a sixth, or maybe even a seventh sense about forecasting interior trends — you won’t be sorry!

1. Bathtub chair – who wouldn’t love a nice soak in a bathtub (chair) after a long, hard day?  And you don’t even have to lay down.

2.  Side-sleeping bed.  Supposedly the MOST comfortable bed you’ll ever sleep on.  Just don’t roll.

3. Appliances for the multi-tasker.  I would say this is multi-tasking at it’s best.  Don’t you agree?

4.  Cow-print Coffin Couch.  Enough said.  I’m saving up for this one!

5. Chopper sink.  Ladies, take one for the team and get one of these to appease the man in your life.

6.  Zero-gravity Recliner.  We can’t all go to the moon, but at least we can fall sleep in front of the TV like we did!

7. Recycled silverware coffee table.  It’s all about going green this year.

8. Porcupine Pendant Lamp.  Looks dangerous but would be SSSOOOOOO worth it!

9. Fake blood pillow.  Because nothing says “Good morning!” like the thought that you might have killed your significant other in your sleep.

10. Bookcase with limbs.  A warning to your children — what they will be used for if they don’t behave!


I just couldn’t help myself.  You really didn’t believe that those are things I would like, did you?  I would hope not!!  And thank you to Julia at Hooked on Houses and the Moggit Girls -Joy and Janet- for their inspiration on this post!  It was pretty fun!!

(all images are -unfortunately- linked to their sources.  sorry!)