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This always happens!  I just put in a HUGE paint swatch order and then I run across something like this and I need to start a new list!  This San Francisco bedroom is from the decor8 feature called “How Much For This Room?” and it’s owned by a woman named Christiana.  As a designer (and homeowner or love of decor in general!), it’s always so helpful to see something put out there like this.  Plus you get a great list of resources and ideas.

I LOVE this color palette.  Totally me – dark grey and white with some red, yellow and black accents!!  I’m trying to phase out the green in my living room because I keep finding myself drawn to a more monochromatic palette with one (maybe two) accent colors.  I’m moving all of the green stuff to my kitchen/dining room.

This color is called “Iron Mountain” by Benjamin Moore.  I definitely have a color crush here…mmm…

I think when something thinks of a dark grey bedroom, this is not the type of look you’d have in mind – totally unexpected!

How amazing is that wallpaper?  A perfect example of how wallpaper can lighten up a dark room, or act as an accent wall without the huge commitment of wallpapering an entire room.  Very contemporary.  I love wallpaper.

I also love how she used her necklaces as art.  That is what I need to do – if it’s not out where I can see it, I won’t wear it!  Out of sight, out of mind…

Gotta love the “high hiding white” trim and doors!  Nice and glossy!

Functional art – plus it’s using things you already own!  Such a great idea – now I need to find out what those are on the walls…any links or DIY’s that you know of?

As someone with two large dogs (both with black fur) and a growing baby, I’m a little scared of white, but I love the aesthetic!  When in doubt, I choose dark or black colors, but I’m trying to not be so scared of stains!  My husband can clean up anything or get out any stain, so maybe I will go for that light-colored slipcover I’ve been eyeing for the loveseat in the dining room…

What do you think of the color palette?  Are you drawn to dark colors?  A lighter and airier palette?  A mix of both?  Do you have a “when in doubt, choose (dark/light/white/black/wood)” mantra?

(images via decor8, linked to their sources)