I recently had the pleasure of doing a “Paint Color Consultation” for a couple I’ve known almost my whole life, and I am thrilled that they LOVE the new colors in their den!

Ann and Gene decided to remodel one wall (it had a brick retaining wall inside the house) so they re-sheetrocked that wall and re-textured the entire room, updated the flooring and built a new hearth around their woodstove!  Here is what I had to work with for the “before” shot, but they were nice enough to loan me a sample of their new laminate flooring (a nice honey color!) and the arm-cover from their medium brown suede furniture for choosing some paint.

 Ann & Gene's "Before"

The room is used as a den, playroom (Ann runs daycare in her home), and an office.  They wanted a color that wasn’t too bright, very calm and neutral, and blended with the rest of the house.  They recently purchased some green-fabric blinds for the room, so they wanted those to stay, and the color also had to coordinate with the yellow color in the adjacent kitchen.  Here are the options that I gave them:

Paint Color Consultation
Option 1: Branchport Brown and Sulfur Yellow (all paint colors by Benjamin Moore)
Option 2: Branchport Brown and Danville Tan
Option 3: Branchport Brown and Great Plains Gold

In my Paint Color Consultation packages, I give the client 3 options, and in this case I tried to give them a neutral option, a warm option, and a cool option.  I really loved the idea of a dark brown wall behind their new light ceramic tile hearth, with the other 3 walls in the main wall color – and that is why I kept the Branchport Brown in all of the options (which fortunately they loved!).  The Sulfur Yellow (warm option) is a really neutral yellow, and it looked great with their flooring and furniture.  The Danville Tan (cool option) is a great color – it looks tan on it’s own, but if you put it against another tan, it looks green, and Ann and Gene really loved that!  It also looked great with the adjacent kitchen, and the window treatments.  The Great Plains Gold (neutral option) is a perfectly neutral medium brown, and I thought it would coordinate really well with their furniture, and would look great with some bright accents.

What did they choose?

Hess 4 After
Hess 2 After
Hess 3 After
Hess 1 After

They chose the cool option which was Danville Tan by Benjamin Moore along with the dark wall.  They finished it off with an Ivory colored ceiling with bright white trim and crown moulding for a little more contrast.  How great are those colors??  What do you think??

If you would like your own Paint Color Consultation, follow that link or e-mail me at lindsay@lindsaychristensendesign.com!