We bought our first house this past July! So exciting!! It is something that we have wanted to do for years, but we decided to wait until I was done with school and we were settled. We found this house and could immediately see its potential, but I guess nobody else could – it sat on the market (and empty – yuck!) for almost 2 years. And we got a heck-of-a-deal on it! There is just a lot of work to do on it, and fortunately it is almost all cosmetic. As I was getting very pregnant when we were able to move in, I couldn’t really help with much of the initial work, so I took LOTS of pictures of the progress.

I’ve been really evaluating the interior design ideas I’ve had, wondering if the path I’m going down is up to par, and looking back on how it started, I’m actually pleasantly surprised with the current results. We’re by no means “done,” but it is a HUGE improvement from the dusty, dirty, outdated home that we moved into!