This is a new feature of Likely Design that I would like to call “Color Therapy Thursdays.”  I am always on the lookout for interesting and “why didn’t I think of that?” color combinations so this is a way to catalog any neat ones that I find.  Color is a difficult and scary thing for some people, but I LOVE it!  The color you choose is so important, and it can be hard to find that “just-right” color.

My first Color Therapy post is inspired by this photo:


Aqua & red bedroom (image via

Aqua & red bedroom (image via

I helped style a wedding last summer (while I was 7 months pregnant – talk about EXHAUSTING!) and the bride wanted a red and white wedding.  I suggested adding some aqua/turquoise/light blue but unfortunately she didn’t really care.  🙂  She and her husband-to-be had been living together for years, had a daughter together…this was just a short ceremony to make it official.  But it still turned out beautiful!  And then I had to help clean up…7 months pregnant…in a thunderstorm.  

Anyway, this photo was my aqua and red inspiration.  Thank you, Domino!  You are the best!  The wall paint is called “Lost Oasis” #21-4 by Pratt and Lambert.  So as another tribute to Domino, here is some red and aqua eye candy for you.  Mmmmm…


Aqua and Red Goodies

Aqua and Red Goodies

(L to R) 1. Rose hip 2. “my new fawn” 3. Aqua &red eye candy 4. Red and Aqua & Sterling 5. Chickadee Pillow in Aqua and Red 6. Blossoms Magnet Set 7. The Reddest Dress – Signed Digital Print 8. Aqua and Red: Two-Tone Tabletop 9. La La Love You Poster, Light Aqua and Magenta


Here is another, more muted, aqua and red room:


Image from the book Color at Home. (via Fushion Magazine)

Image from the book "Color at Home." (via Fushion Magazine)

And here’s a cute little country kitchen:


50s Turquoise Kitchen (via Country Magazine)

50's Turquoise Kitchen (via Country Magazine)

It’s such a fresh palette, don’t you think?  My house is a little more muted, but I’m really loving the bright color combos and will have to keep them in mind for the future!  Maybe I’m just wishing for spring to get here…

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