In honor of Domino Magazine, my favorite shelter magazine, and the fact that they’re no longer in publication (I just finished reading their last issue this morning), I am going to re-create some of their great features here on my blog! One feature I really love is called “10 Things That Make Me Happy,” and it is always on the very last page of the magazine. They always choose a fascinating person for the list, and they just list their 10 favorite things, no matter if they have to do with design or food or a city, etc. I always enjoy reading this, and I always remember it as its the last feature I read.

This month’s “10 things” was done by Joan Bingham from New York City, who is an executive editor and vice president at book publisher Grove/Atlantic. Her picks included: a bag of jacks, using Starbucks Frappucino as coffee creamer, high-gloss white paint (I love this, too!), stoneware bowls, bobby pins, a book titled “Sing Them Home,” a cotton reversible rug, a portable easel, faux bone bracelets, and her Robert Kelly painting. Here is a picture of the feature, along with a few of my favorite things:

Some of my favorite things

Some of my favorite things

Obviously my daughter and husband are my favoritest favorite things (I think that’s a given!), and our families and our dogs, but here is a list of 10 other things that make me happy:

Some of my favorite things...

My ode to Domino

1. The Pottery Barn Design Library. These were invaluable to me while I was in school. Great space planning and color tips!
2. My Cindy (can’t read her last name – please comment if you know it!) mug with earrings that my mom gave me when as a gift I was in college. She works for an art gallery so I always got cool gifts. This one is a little quirky but I always love using it.
3. My Harman bath mats. I got them from the studio where I did my internship. They’re so cozy when you step out of the shower!
4. My MacBook. I use it for everything and rarely go anywhere without it! ‘Nuff said.
5. Sharpie Ultra Fine Point permanent markers. I write almost everything using them and I love the way my handwriting looks when I use them on the right surface. Plus they’re great for sketching.
6. Sirius Satellite Radio. My husband and I got this a couple years ago and it’s great for long trips! Plus you don’t get sick of the same old CD’s or iPod mix in the car.
7. Old Navy Long Layering Tanks. I wear these under EVERYTHING! I hate short shirts and always wear layers. I feel uncomfortable if I don’t.
8. The color orange. It is so warm and cozy, and autumn is my favorite time of year. (Pillow photo from – I bought this pillow for my bedroom from her).
9. I LOVE this site! I’ve bought wall decals, pillow covers, burp rags, cloth diapers, patterns, fabric and gifts from there so far, and I have a few more purchases planned for the near future!
10. High-gloss white cabinet, trim and door paint. We used this on everything in our house – kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinet, all the trim and almost all of the doors. It is such a classic look and the reflective gloss is so easy to clean!

So there is the first installment of my “10 Things That Make Me Happy” series! I hope you enjoyed it and be on the lookout for more “Things” from me and maybe a few guests! Feel free to let me know of your 10 things that make you happy. xoxoxo & Happy Valentine’s Day!!