Here is the Polyvore-version of my living room (which is still in progress!).  I love that site…it is such a fun way to put things together, and there are some really talented “set-makers” on there!
My Cozy Living Room
My Cozy Living Room – by pearllinds on

I bought my couch about 5 1/2 years ago, and I have no clue what brand it is, but it is a sage green microfiber. The furniture pieces in the set aren’t my actual pieces, but I found similar products. My recliner and wingback are actually just slipcovered, but I would love to buy new furniture someday. I do own the entertainment armoire, the coffee table, side tables, and the FLOR area rug. Everything else is just what I could find that was similar, or things that are on my wish-list!

I am going to post a photo-house-tour soon, with “before and after” photos. So be sure to check back for that!! But you can also see my recent house photos on Flickr. You might recognize the rooms from Polyvore!! We are definitely having fun working on our house, but it is also still a work-in-progress. That is why Polyvore is so handy!!