Yippee! Our new washer and dryer are here and they’re in!! Now the rest of the room looks…umm…unfinished and uuuggglly! But aren’t they pretty??

Our new washer and dryer in our laundry room!

Our new washer and dryer in our laundry room!

Our original thought was to install a countertop over the set (I love that look!) to have a folding surface and storage surface…but as you can see, our plumbing is installed too high on the wall and that won’t work:


Laundry room plumbing - exposed!

Laundry room plumbing - exposed!

I think we might purchase the pedestal drawers for them to sit on.  That will raise them, hide the plumbing, and give us more storage.  Here were some of my original sketches (before they got here), but I think we might do a combination of the 3. I’ll do a new sketch soon:

My current laundry room.

My current laundry room. (Click to see the larger photos).

We use this room as a “mud room,” so I think what we need is some shoe/boot storage and hanging hooks for coats and dog leashes.

Pottery Barn Brady Entryway Storage

Pottery Barn "Brady" Entryway Storage

This type of storage would be perfect!