If you’ve been living under a rock and never visited Holly Becker’s blog over at decor8, it really is a great blog for inspiration and some great design finds.  She is so heartfelt and honest in her blogging, and I love her new 10 week series called “Real Talk” in which she talks about the creative process and has you do some creative exercises to help you tap into your creative side.  Tomorrow is the 3rd installment, but it will be really easy to catch up if you’re interested.  I love that she is helping others work on their creativity and move past their creative blocks; something I am really working on myself!!

The exercises so far have been really helpful – it is just a way to be instructed because I know that I wouldn’t do anything like this on my own.  For example, I am always thinking about a watercolor painting class that I took a few years ago.  I made some really beautiful paintings, but when I sit and try to do one at home, it just isn’t the same!  Unfortunately, I am the type of person who needs some instruction to be creative.  But I am hoping to change that with this series!


Holly Beckers Mind Mapping Exercise from Real Talk

Holly Becker's Mind Mapping Exercise from "Real Talk"



Her first post from two weeks ago is about “mind mapping” and going back to your childhood to try to remember what you used to love and just branch out from there.  I really recommend going and subscribing to the series yourself, because it is such a great service that Holly is giving us “wannabe” creatives out there.

Thank you, Holly!