…I am a recent Interior Design graduate.  I attended a university and received my Bachelor’s of Art in the wonderful profession that I call my purpose in life!  I am, however, living in a town of approximately 200 people.  Yes, you read it correctly; 200.  I am taking my time to get figure out my niche, plus I have a new baby girl, so I’m just moseying along at the moment.  That is why I am here, as are you if you are reading this.  I am trained in interior design, but I have an interest (self-taught) in web and graphic design as well.  In a county with only 10,000 people in it, I think my self-taught skills are probably more than most would be able to find locally anyway – so as usual, and if you know me, you won’t be surprised – I have my hands in everything and plan to continue along those lines with my business.  That is my ultimate goal – work from home to spend as much time as I can with my kid(s).

I’ll post more of my portfolio soon (yes, I have gotten a few jobs so far), but for now just trust me!  And if you have any suggestions on what to write about on here, feel free to let me know!